Aerial Drone Surveys

Building & Roof Inspections have never been more simple.

GE Holdings Ltd work with property owners, architects, surveyors and other companies to inspect and survey properties. Our team provide evidence-based findings and and clear recommendations.

We capture and demonstrate aerial views of your land and property to produce our drone building surveys. Behind the scenes, our team will expertly recognise and investigate findings.

Drone Services

  • Structural inspections

  • Infrastructure surveying

  • Emergency assessments

  • Route/access mapping

  • Monitoring of scaffolding and other structures

  • Drone footage for development/property marketing

Aerial Drone Surveys by GE Holdings Ltd

Revolutionizing Building & Roof Inspections

GE Holdings Ltd is at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge aerial drone technology to streamline building and roof inspections. We collaborate with property owners, architects, surveyors, and various companies to conduct comprehensive inspections and surveys of properties. Our team is dedicated to providing evidence-based findings and clear, actionable recommendations.

Our drone services offer a unique perspective, capturing aerial views of your land and property to conduct thorough drone building surveys. This method allows for a detailed and efficient assessment of your property, providing insights that traditional methods may miss. Our behind-the-scenes team of experts meticulously analyzes the drone data, identifying and investigating key findings to deliver comprehensive results.

Our Drone Services include:

  • Structural Inspections: In-depth analysis of building structures for integrity and safety.
  • Infrastructure Surveying: Detailed surveys of infrastructure to assess condition and plan maintenance.
  • Emergency Assessments: Rapid deployment in emergency situations for immediate assessment and response planning.
  • Route/Access Mapping: Creating detailed maps for access routes and planning.
  • Monitoring of Scaffolding and Other Structures: Regular monitoring to ensure the safety and stability of scaffolding and temporary structures.
  • Drone Footage for Development/Property Marketing: Capturing high-quality aerial footage for marketing purposes, providing a unique view of properties and developments.

Our aerial drone surveys are an innovative solution for a variety of needs, from detailed structural inspections to effective marketing tools. Contact GE Holdings Ltd today to discover how our drone services can provide you with unparalleled insights and advantages.

Drone Surveys